Through service, education & advocacy, we advance
Reproductive Justice (RJ) in Minnesota. 

We represent individuals and congregations across our state who say we stand for reproductive justice because of our faith and not in spite of it. 

These 4 human rights make up the framework of RJ:

    • The right to bear children
    • The right not to bear children
    • The right to raise our children in safe and healthy environments
    • The right to celebrate sexuality with health and wholeness

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Founded in 1989, the Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice seeks to ensure that every woman is free to make decisions about having children according to her own conscience and religious beliefs. We are dedicated to achieving reproductive justice. We are people of faith. We believe in religious freedom. That is why we are prayerfully pro-choice. We advocate for holistic, faith-based sexuality education for people of all ages. We train congregations to teach sexuality curriculum that provides accurate information for children, young people, and adults learning about their sexuality in an affirming and supportive setting. Women and couples experiencing unintended or problem pregnancies receive counseling and honest information from pro-choice clergy through our All Options Clergy Counseling Service. We collaborate with other pro-choice organizations to advocate for common-sense, pro-family public policies.

For current news about the intersection of politics, religion, and reproductive justice please visit our national affiliate, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
P. O. Box 6966
Minneapolis MN 55406-6966