Support for Women

Because we believe that it is essential for people of religious faith to visibly demonstrate their support of women’s reproductive freedom, we offer opportunities for both laypersons and members of the clergy to be a religious voice for choice.

All Options Clergy Counseling

Pro-choice clergy provide counseling to women and couples experiencing an unwelcome or problem pregnancy. Our counseling hotline can be reached by calling 612-870-0974 in the Twin Cities or 1-800-925-8242 from elsewhere in Minnesota. Click here for more information about counseling.

Peaceful Presence

We stand as a non-confrontational and pastoral Peaceful Presence outside reproductive health clinics in support of their work, their staff, and their patients to demonstrate in non-violent ways that people of faith support access to safe, legal abortions. Peaceful Presence is a strategy of silent witnessing and non-engagement. Supporters (clergy and lay people) silently hold signs with our message “Pro Family, Pro Faith, Pro Choice.” For more information on how you may participate please Contact Us.

Minnesota Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
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