How the Counseling Service Works

The All Options Service is designed to protect the confidentiality of our clergy volunteers as well as our clients. If you are experiencing an unwelcome or problem pregnancy and would like spiritual counseling, please call one of the All Options service numbers. You will be asked to provide the Religious Coalition staff person with your name, preference for denomination of counselor, any concerns you may have, and a phone number and time of day where you may be safely reached. A clergy counselor will then call you for a phone counseling session or to set up an appointment to meet in person. We also welcome calls from clinic counselors on behalf of women in need, if that is more comfortable for you.

All Options Clergy Counseling
is not a crisis hotline. It may take several days to arrange a conversation with a clergy person. Counseling is done only on a short term basis for moral or ethical concerns.

For Clergy

We welcome clergy who would like to learn more about how to counsel women and couples experiencing an unwelcome pregnancy. We provide an annual All OptionsClergy Counseling training, in which clergy will gain skills that they can use in their pastoral care ministry. Clergy are also invited to become part of our All Options Clergy Counseling Network. Please visit our Upcoming Events page to find out more about the next All Options Clergy Counseling Training. For more information, Contact Us

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